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Skill Kulture is one of the leading training agencies offering courses in getting young professional aspirants ready for the corporate groove!

We at Skill Kulture believe it’s time the youth rises above their peers and crack the opportunity of their dreams and we are here to help them do that!

They allow a chance to think and deep-dive further into your preferred field. It also helps access to better opportunities and salaries and gets you ready to earn and win what you deserve by building on your capabilities.

One on One Mentorship

We offer one-on-one mentoring to individuals and train them to be effective performers in their own organisations. A bunch of competent mentors will be assigned to every participant and impart the skills and training to evaluate a situation and determine the best course of action, helping the mentee to reach their own understanding and outcome.

Certification Programs

The career development path is an example of how we guide people from a sales and marketing path (business associate) through to management.


Our wide range of the network is spread across several metropolitan cities and we also seek to expand our services to various other cities in the near future.


Become the person who would attract the results you seek








Young Indians Empowered
(Certificate Issued)


  • Skill Kulture was like adding another feather to my hat, it gave me helpful tips and learnings for customer service and healthy sales techniques. Also, the morning meetings conducted provided me with the rightful knowledge to know the ethical ways of working.
    Customer Success
  • The office offers flexible working hours alongside good work-life balance, which gave me the opportunity to learn on the job and pursue my passion for photography.
    Senior Business Development Executive
    Skills academy of India
  • This office is located in the corporate hub in Mumbai, therefore networking and building client relationship are made ease.
    Sushank Handoo Associate
    Value first digital media
  • The firm has provided me with all the resourceful fruit that comes handy on my job.
    Senior. Specialist
    Synchrony Financial
  • This program has shaped my mindset to a unique orthodox mentality, which helps break many irrational work taboo's and climb the ladder of success uninterrupted.
    Head of Talent Acquisition
  • Working with this organization I have developed not only one but various skillsets, that have added to my existing knowledge and we stand out of the crowd.
    Relationship Manager
    American Express
  • Presentation and public speaking skills along with advertising and critical thinking are a few prime skills I developed on the job.
    Assistant Marketing Manager
    Exhibit Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • My journey during Skill Kulture is beyond just 5 stages, it was more about engaging in a real-life situations and how to deal with on the spot hurdles. It has made me mentally strong and worked me into thinking, walking, acting like an ENTREPRENEUR.
    Development Manager
    Sharjah Commerce and Tourism
  • This prestigious course has brought to light the true essence of how important it is to trust the process and put efforts every day to grow on this job. Working on every level of a business and understanding all dimensions like sales, recruitment, customer service have helped me secure my position at Raymond.
    Business Manager
  • Networking, Individual Finance Management and Business travel gave me the experience to work with different types of people with different work ethics, And now that I have started working in Dubai I don't find difficult to network with new cultures, background.
    Assistant Key Account Manager
    Dubai Electricity and Water
  • Business Travel turned out to be very fruitful learning for me as I work with an international firm Networking and Business Travel are a vital part of my profile.
    Endurance International Group India
  • Leadership and Motivation are definitely taught to us in college but, I am very grateful to Skill Kulture to give we a hands-on experience for the same. This business learning model has provided me the right platform to portray my learning and reinvest them back into the business.
    Human Resource
    Progressive Group
  • Skill Kulture polished my creative thinking alongside the degrees of innovation increase every day.
    Rishi Bunk Makers Pvt. Limited
  • Enhancement of my education skills and market risk analysis learning I now benefit on the job, having the ease to handle and work smoothly.
    Research Analyst
  • Stage 2 of Skill Kulture customer service got us to understand the concept of handling and managing the department of customer service.
    Manager ( customer-service )
  • The grassroots level of knowledge is a vital part for any youngster to know. It helps with an experience like they say, practice makes a man perfect.
    Social Media Specialist
  • Skill Kulture has made me more confident and taught me the true essence of how to lead people. It has helped me with the knowledge of how great a leader is a great institute. My recruitment skills were developed on this job thus it has helped my life.
  • Skill Kulture is the ultimate guide for a fresher to get the right track before stepping out in the real world.
  • New Product launch - stage 5 has provided me the detailed practice on how to get plans to action.
    Director sales
  • Team management, Campaign Design made my work of being HR all the more effective.
    HR business partner
  • To be a director in this fast-paced world the lesson of education and risk management helped me sail my company to a bright shoar. All THANKS TO SKILL KULTURE.
    go trip inn
  • The morning meetings and this program gave me confidence and renew my belief in "Trusting the Process".
    Senior sales manger
  • Working at a bank can be pretty challenging ad learning decision-making skills and working under pressure helps we each day to grow and this was something I learned during Skill Kulture.
    commercial bank international
  • Being an assistance director Excel Entertainment, Performance Assessment was ethical learning for we and I thank Skill Kulture for it.
    Assistant director
    Excel Entertainment
  • Skill Kulture was the right opportunity got on, it helped me with the art of training, recruiting and above all motivating the people who help me grow.
    Business Head
    South Nd west Poker Dangal
  • Facilitation Skill Kulture we put a good outlook towards my career. This Program made me realize the importance to know how a business works on the grassroots level.
    Senior Relationship manager
    American Express
  • The training of Brand Management in Stage 3 (Senior Leadership) was the most intriguing past as of the progress.
    Head of marketing
  • Business travel on the job gave we a broadened horizon and a new perspective on how to speak work with new and different challenger and get past them.
    JP Morgan
  • Public Speaking and confidence are a few skills I developed during the tenure of this course and they have extensively worked to my favour as I work in the field of Marketing.
    Marketing manager
    chronicle ventures
  • Skill Kulture has opened my eyes to know the real value of Time management.
    Senior manager
  • Before my shift in career, the golden opportunity to be associated with Skill Kulture helped we understand the importance of interpersonal skill development and provide me with hands-on experience tasks.
    Testing campus infotech
  • At Legion time goes by very quickly and you get to experience a lot. The same happened to me - within a short span of time in this rapidly growing organization and your experience in Legion can be very intense if you put your whole heart into it. The exposure I got to understand the entire recruitment process has not only set my foundation right, but that just helped me build myself further in my next assignments.
    Human Resource
    JM Financial Services Ltd
  • Looking at the line of a profession I work in, Bestway Travel, Effective communication is the driving force to success with my experience at Skill Kulture polished me to because who I am. I have excelled on the job and because a better version of myself. Business trips. The multiple occasions kept me engaged to working on myself.
    Managing director
    Bestways travel
  • Working at a managerial position, confidence is a prime skillset required. I represent my people, my office and myself. I thank Skill Kulture to develop my confidence and enhance my public speaking skills.
    Senior Manager
    We Work
  • Working with prime clients like Lodha, Skill Kulture added to my skills of corporate etiquette. This has helped me understand, associate and alongside work towards the ethos of the company.
    CBRE (Southeast Asia ) Senior manager – Lodha group
  • The Grassroot level methods and tricks to manage and sustain finances during a rough sea have taken we a long way. Being an Accounts Superior at Ogilvy I still use the Skill Kulture methods to work.
    Account supervisor
  • Skill Kulture has been a great asset to my life this ladder to success taught we the skill sets required to because a good manager and know how to deal with the most stressful situations in/with a calm mindset.
    Senior manager
    Bombay stock exchange
  • Skill Kulture taught me the importance and essence of networking. Which now works to my benefit as I am the Senior Relationship Manager at American Express. Networking helps as a key skill in my profile to understand and work with people who add stars to my Knowledge.
    Senior relationship manager
    American Express